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Konservatorij za glasbo in balet Ljubljana

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The Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana is the leading Slovenian school for the education of future professional musicians. This School combines the upper school of a grammar school and a professional music school. There is an extremely professional elementary school, which ensures that trained young people regularly pass the entrance examination to the Laibacher Conservatory. In the course of four intensive years of training, the students at the conservatory do not only pass the final school exam (Matura), but also reach the necessary technical/artistic level to be accepted to a music university. In total there are 180 teachers at the “KGBL”. Participation in the Erasmus program is intended to intensify the contacts that have existed for several years with Graz and to enable students of the “Konservatorij za glasbo in balet” to gain experience abroad, which will enhance their musical and language skills.

Key persons are the Director Prof. Polona Cesarek and the Coordinator Prof. Suzana Zorko. Both have extensive experience in organization of professional musical projects. Other key persons are Lidija Malahotky-Haas (piano), Slaven Kulenovic (conductor), and orchestral direction), Edita Garcevic Kozelj (vocals), Ambrož Čopi (choir), Mateja Bajt (recorder), Zoran Bičanin (chamber music for strings), Jan Gričar (chamber music for saxophone) and Tomaž Sevšek Šramel (harpsichord).