The music schools

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The Johann-Joseph-Fux-Conservatory of the Province of Styria in Graz is the Styrian center for musical talent promotion and music school of the city of Graz.

Source: Johann-Joseph-Fux-Konservatorium
Musikschule Bad Radkersburg

Musikschule der Stadt Bad Radkersburg

The Radkersburg Music School is the center of musical education in Southeastern Styria. It wants to make music school lessons possible in an innovative way.

Konservatorij za glasbo in balet Ljubljana

The Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet is the leading Slovenian school for the education of future professional musicians..

Source: RTV Slo
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glasbena sola koper

Glasbena sola Koper - Scuola di Musica Capodistria

The Koper Music School offers instrumental music education for students up to the age of 20.

Glasbena Šola Murska Sobota

The music school of Murska Sobota currently has 517 students and covers a large part of instrumental and vocal music education.

Osnovna šola Tržišče

“OŠ Tržišče” is a Slovenian elementary school with a focus on music.